United Assault (Challenger Deck 2019)

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Release Date: 12th April 2019

Challenger Decks are your on-ramp to Standard. These four individual 75-card decks are geared toward Standard play for the Friday Night Magic player and forged out of some of the most powerful strategies in Standard.

Each Challenger Deck comes with a complete 60-card main deck and a 15-card sideboard, and is intended to be playable and competitive at a local level right out of the box. All cards will have been previously printed in Standard and are Standard-legal.

Creature (29)
4 Dauntless Bodyguard
4 Healer's Hawk
4 Leonin Vanguard
4 Skymarcher Aspirant
4 Ajani's Pridemate
4 Adanto Vanguard
4 Benalish Marshal
1 Hunted Witness

Instant (3)
3 Pride of Conquerors

Enchantment (7)
3 Conclave Tribunal
2 Legion's Landing
2 History of Benalia

Land (21)
21 Plains

Sideboard (15)
1 Conclave Tribunal 3 Baffling End 3 Knight of Grace 2 Tocatli Honor Guard 2 Make a Stand 1 Remorseful Cleric 3 Shield Mare



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