Commander 2018 Deck

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Choose your commander and carve your path to victory in this unique multiplayer Magic format. Call on powerful planes walkers and deploy their signature strategies to make sure you're the last plater standing.

Nature's Vengeance

Lord Wingrace saw his entire world devastated by the detonation of a magical device, instilling in him a hatred of artifacts. Now he commands nature to rise and join his furious war against synthetic abominations.

Adaptive Enchantment

Estrid wears many faces, only occasionally wearing her own. Her arsenal of enchanted masks lets her shift seamlessly between the powers and fighting styles of countless creatures to adapt to their enemy tactics.

Subjective Reality

Aminatou may be a child, but she possesses the wisdom of many lifetimes and the power to manipulate reality itself. She can effortlessly alter a person's entire destiny–for better or worse–and leave no trace of her interference.

Exquisite Invention

Saheeli Rai is a brilliant inventor who specialises in creating lifelike animated constructs as beautiful as they are deadly. Her dazzling intellect and mastery over metal make her a formidable adversary.

Each box contains...

  • Deck box
  • 100-card deck with 17 new cards
  • 10 double-sided token card
  • Foil oversized commander card
  • Strategy insert
  • Reference card



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