Elite Gaming Membership

Elite Gaming Membership is the new way to pay for the events you love. Instead of paying each time you attend, you pay monthly and get free access to our events. From just £9.99 a month.

Non-Member Casual Gamer


Commander Monday £2 FREE FREE!
Yu-Gi-Oh Night Tuesday £5 £5 FREE!
Board Game Night Wednesday £2 FREE FREE!
RPG Night Thursday £2 FREE FREE!
FNM - Standard Friday £5 £5 FREE!
FNM - Draft Friday £12.50 £12.50 FREE!
Yu-Gi-Oh Saturday £3 £3 FREE!
Gaming Room Everyday* £0.50 FREE FREE!
Monthly Cost N/A £9.99/mo Just £19.99/mo
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* Entry to the Gaming Room is free whilst other events are not running.

Casual Membership

For £9.99 per month, our Casual members get unlimited access to our casual events - those events without a prize pool. This covers:

  • Monday Night Commander
  • Wednesday Night Board Games
  • Thursday Night RPGs

Elite Membership

Elite Members pay just £19.99 a month for unlimited access to all of our weekly events. This includes all of our regular events:

  • Tuesday Night Yu-Gi-Oh
  • FNM (Standard)
  • FNM (Draft)
  • Saturday Yu-Gi-Oh

As well as:

  • Monday Night Commander
  • Wednesday Night Board Games
  • Thursday Night RPGs

    How Much Do I Save?

    That depends on how many events you turn up for. The more you turn up, the more you save!

    For our Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh players who turn up for all the events we do, an Elite Membership could save you over £60 per month.

    Casual Gamers - such as those who attend our Commander, Board Game and RPG Nights - could save up to £14 per month based on their attendance.

    How Do I Sign up?

     You can sign up using the links below.

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