Welcome to EliteGaming.win!

Welcome to EliteGaming.win!

Hey, it's Sam here. Your friendly local Elite Gaming webmaster. I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you all to EliteGaming.win, the online home of Elite Gaming. Kristan, Tim, Dan and I are so happy to have you here.

What can I do on EliteGaming.win?

EliteGaming.win is the perfect place to keep up to date with your friendly local gaming store. Here, you can see all the products we have in stock and order them for delivery to your home or collection from our Dover Store.

You can also sign up for upcoming events and pre-order amazing new products as we find out about them. And the Community tab is the perfect place to learn more about our store, and find out what we're up to on our Blog, Facebook and Twitch channel.

What's next for EliteGaming.win?

It's still early days for the site, and we've spent the first month online working on getting the stock holdings online and in-store aligned, so that all of our customers can shop the same selection and get the great Elite Gaming experience you expect and deserve.

Coming soon, we'll be adding Magic: The Gathering single cards to the online store, allowing you to browse for and purchase those last few cards you need for that amazing Standard or Commander deck.

We'll also be bringing back streaming to the Elite Gaming Twitch.TV channel. So, follow us over on Twitch to be notified when that happens.

We're also preparing the store and our processes for Christmas, so that you'll be able to buy your Christmas presents with us and have them arrive in plenty of time for you to wrap them and hide them.

And, of course, we now have a blog. Where we'll keep you updated on what's happening with the website, we'll share our views on new released and products, and where you'll be able to read reports from some of our bigger events.

It's a pleasure to have you here and, until next time, happy gaming!

- S

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